Að vera eða vera ekki?

Martin O´Neill segir í dag að það komi vel til greina að Barry spili gegn OB Odense um helgina í InterToto keppninni. Hann ræðir einnig um hugsanlega brottför Barry til Liverpool:

“Deep down we would all love him to stay at the football club. We haven’t heard back from Liverpool for some time and we’re not exactly sure where we all stand. When people say people are in limbo, I don’t think that applies to anybody more than ourselves. We don’t know whether to move forward or not with it. It’s a long-running saga and I wouldn’t mind it ending one way or another. My preference – and hopefully I’m speaking for a lot of Villa fans, if not all of them – is that we would like Gareth to stay at the football club. That would be great because it will be hard to replace him. But we’re not sure where Liverpool stand now. It was never mentioned before about them needing to sell some players before they bought – that was never in the system at all. But seemingly it must be part of it. The point is that this has been long running and we’re looking to see it end one way or another.

hhmmm þarna hintar O´Neill sterklega til þess að Alonso sé ekki farinn frá Liverpool og þá verði jafnvel ekkert að kaupunum. Ég er alla vega sammála honum í því að þetta mál má alveg fara að enda, á hvað aveg sem það fer.


  1. já maður er hættur að botna í þessu með Keane og Barry svo er verið að eyða 1,5 m í enn einn unglinginn sem að er örugglega efni en ef að Keane og Barry koma ekki ekki vegna einhverja 2-3 m sem munar þá er þetta rugl.

  2. /www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/footbal
    New Blackburn manager Ince to make move for Liverpool midfielder Pennant
    New Blackburn boss Paul Ince is set to make a bid for Liverpool’s Jermaine Pennant.
    Ince sees Pennant as an ideal replacement in midfield for David Bentley, who is on the verge of leaving Ewood Park for Tottenham.
    An initial bid will be in the region of £6 million, although this may have to be increased with Liverpool holding out for a price similar to the £6.7 million they paid Birmingham for Pennant two years ago.
    A switch for Pennant, as reported in the Sun, would see him guaranteed regular football, as opposed to the frustration of limited opportunities at Anfield.

  3. O’Neill insists Villa cannot continue to be at the “behest” of the Merseyside club who have failed to offer the £18million he is seeking for the England midfielder.The former Celtic boss is aware he has to make his own plans for the new campaign and needs to know whether he will have the services of Barry.Already O’Neill is considering using the 27-year-old in Saturday’s home Intertoto Cup clash with Odense BK.
    But that would not make Barry ineligible to play Champions League football if he eventually moved to Anfield.
    O’Neill, who has rejected four bids for Barry from Reds counterpart Rafael Benitez, said: “It’s been unfortunate. We don’t know where we stand at this minute.
    “Liverpool have not officially come back to us in any form of writing. It is a really awkward position here at this minute.
    “At some stage or other there will have to be a timescale on it because we cannot just keep going on like this.
    “We have got our own plans to make – and we shouldn’t be at the behest of Liverpool Football Club.
    “We have to pick up the pieces and I could go on for forever and a day talking about it. It doesn’t really matter. We have to see what develops.
    “As I say, we have not heard back from them in an official capacity.”
    O’Neill is ready to consider Barry on Saturday even though he was the target of abuse from Villa fans during Tuesday’s friendly at Walsall.
    He said: “If Gareth is in the right frame of mind then we will explore everything. He will be in contention for Saturday.
    “I have never not been impressed with him in two years as to his attitude on the football pitch.
    “In fairness the Intertoto gives us that chance to get into the UEFA Cup, which we set out to get into by one way or another, and Gareth was a major part of that last year.”

  4. Hvernig væri bara að setja link á fréttina í stað þess að c/p hana alla hérna inn.

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