Jamie Carragher talar!

?What we need in the future is what every top side needs. Good players who are capable of winning us the Premiership.?

[Reds can muscle in on the big deals](http://icliverpool.icnetwork.co.uk/0500liverpoolfc/0100news/tm_headline=reds-can-muscle-in-on-the-big-deals%26method=full%26objectid=18593715%26siteid=50061-name_page.html)


  1. Þetta á ekkert erindi undir þessari frétt en ég varð að koma þessu að einhvers staðar 🙂

    “American scouts have prepared a guide to some of the Liverpool squad for the new owners:

    Jose Reina
    Netminder with 19 shutouts this regular season. Save average of .854 in last five outs.

    James Carragher
    Captain of defense ? 2,963 minutes of field time with powerplay change-up stats of 5-6-3.

    Steve O?Finnan
    Defensive cornerback and outside linebacker ranked six in division for forward offense running plays. 245 defensive tackle ratio.

    Sam Hyypia
    Veteran centerblocker famed for aerial rebound ability. From Finlandland.

    John-Arnold Riise
    Cornerman who regularly features in goalshot of the month sweeps with a left strike rated in top five nationwide for sweetness.

    Gerrard Steven
    Team MVP, captain and midfielderman famed for power running. Center, right wingerbacker (offensive and defensive) and secondary power forward. Career high came in Pro-Ball showdown against the Milan Tumblers.

    Craig Bellamy
    Controversial wide receiver/goal forward rated division?s third most likely to face red-card takedown in grudge slams. Has switched franchises several times.

    Robert Bernard Fowler
    Veteran strike attacker and all-time Liverpool Reds Hall of Famer. Once considered league MVP for shot-zone rebounds and accuracy in the paint.

    Jermaine Pennant
    Wide receiver/running forward has rushed for over 1,000 yards in rookie season.

    Peter Crouch Jr
    Power forward who could have potential if consortium moves into NBA.”

    Heimild: http://timesonline.co.uk/tol/sport/football/premiership/article1350494.ece

  2. Hahahaha, snillingur sá sem bjó þetta til.

    Les fyrirsögnina á fréttinni alltaf svona: “Þegar Jamie Carragher talar þá hlustar heimurinn!”

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