Tomkins um Chelsea og Mourinho

Paul Tomkins skrifar frábæran pistil í kjölfar leiksins í gær: [Why Is Mourinho Obsessed With Liverpool?]( Pistillinn er skyldulesning og þarna tekur Tomkins fyrir nokkrar fáránlegar og hræsnisfullar yfirlýsingar frá Jose Mourinho. Einsog t.d. að Liverpool væri lið, sem einbeitti sér að löngum sendingum (ólíkt Chelsea í gær, þá?) og svo framvegis.

Nokkrir punktar:

>I am utterly, utterly sick of hearing about how Chelsea did not lose the semi-final last year, on account of Luis Garcia’s goal ‘not crossing the line’.


>Actually, am I that sick of hearing about it? No. Because it reminds me of who won the European Cup. For the fifth time. What irritates is the complete overlooking of the announcement by the referee, after the game, when he said he was going to award the Reds a penalty and send off Petr Cech. After just three minutes. So in fact, Chelsea had got lucky, as they had so many times against Liverpool under Mourinho.

>And he knows it. Attacks are made in life only by threatened people… But Liverpool’s emergence as a genuine threat to Chelsea were outlined in May, and confirmed in recent weeks by the league table and a run of nine games without conceding a goal.

Og hann endar á þessu:

>Thankfully, our manager goes about his job in a quiet, dignified manner, concentrating on his own team and not trying to steal the limelight from his players. Mourinho is the man who ran onto the pitch at Old Trafford, and then, after Porto won the final, went to hide ? so as the whole world was wondering where he was rather than focusing on the team.

>Meanwhile, the more Mourinho focuses and obsesses about Liverpool, the greater the compliment he pays our team, and our manager.

Annars, þá var umsögn Rafa Benitez um Mourinho einfaldasta lýsingin á Mourinho. Þegar Benitez var spurður um æsinginn í Mourinho í gær sagði hann:

>He talks a lot

Þarf að segja eitthvað meira?

Moooourinho… ssshhhh!

United út, Simao inn? (uppfært! x2)