Góð grein um hópinn sem bíður Benítez!

Bendi fólki á góða grein sem er að finna á RedAndWhiteKop.com: What Will Benítez Make Of The Liverpool Squad?

Sérstaklega sammála þessum ummælum um Anthony Le Tallec:

> Verdict: Excelled in the reserves playing off the main striker – the role we bought him for (but a role which GH never seemed to favour). He needs to come to terms with the pace of the game over here, but there have been some very encouraging signs, even if only in fleeting glimpes for the first team. No lesser man that Zidane said recently that Le Tallec will do well at a club like Liverpool. While it may still be a year or two too soon to see ALT excel, he could still be the surprise package of next season, depending on the formation Benitez opts for. Once it clicks into place, he will soar. As Arsene Wenger (who was livid at missing out on him) said of David Bentley but which applies equally to ALT and FSP, players of this age present a dilemma:

>”We have a big squad of young players. The biggest difficulty I have is when you have to manage them between 19 and 22. Do you get him out on loan or put him in the squad? Do you put him in the first team straight away? It is very difficult. I would like to get him some experience. He is a great talent and he needs to play now.?

Sammála því. Endilega kíkjið á þessa grein, hún er mjög góð og ljóst að nýji stjórinn okkar mun erfa mjög efnilegan hóp, þrátt fyrir eilítið illgresi inn á milli.

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