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04. júlí, 2005
Dave Usher um Gerrard mli (uppfrt x2)

Dave Usher, sem hefur nokku g tengsl inn Anfield og skrifar aldrei neina vitleysu, skrifar um Gerrard mli:

ar segir m.a.

He’s having a meeting with Parry and Benitez this afternoon. Basically, the club are trying to convince him that they desperately want him to stay, and they will agree to his contract demands.

My feeling was that they wanted the money rather than him to stay, as from all that I’d heard it seemed to make sense. However, it now seems that the biggest problem was complacency on Liverpool’s (Parry’s) behalf. They thought he wanted to stay, so there was no hurry.

Gerrard saw the delay as a sign they weren’t too keen on getting him tied down. Other things which happened suggested the same thing. All these things were used by certain people to make Gerrard think he was being forced out.

The ‘bust up’ with Benitez on Saturday never happened. SFX informed the papers it did.

There has been a lot of underhand things going on, from SFX (not Struan Marshall (umbosmaur Gerrard - innsk. EE) though from what I’ve been told), Chelsea and Real Madrid, who have all manipulated this situation and twisted things which have or not happened to convince Gerrard that the club don’t want him.

It is true that there is not much to spend, and if he stayed Rafa wouldn’t be able to get players he wanted, but Rafa and Parry are trying to convince him that he is their main priority.

Gerrard himself is apparently all over the place. He’s being told so many different things from different people, that he doesn’t know what to think.

Having heard some of the things that have gone on, I have to say I feel sorry for him as I can understand why he is so confused about it all.

My stance on it all is that I really want him to stay, as I’m convinced deep down thats what he wants. It’d be a fucking crime if he left now, because this whole situation has been carefully manufactured by outside forces.

I just hope Benitez and Parry can convince him that he’s being manipulated and that he belongs here.


Megi skynsemin ra rkjum essu mli.

Uppfrt (EE) 18:51: Jja, Usher segir a fundurinn s binn og smu su skrifar hann etta um fundinn.

Apparently the meeting is over, and nothing has changed.

He’s going to Chelsea unless there’s a dramatic turnaround (been here before haven’t we?).


Chelsea have made a bid today, and he’s told some of his team-mates he’s going to London.

Ah for fecks sake!

Samt, verur a teljast lklegt a Chelsea hafi bara vippa upp tilboi svona 1,2 og bing. a er a, sem mr finnst ekki passa essari frsgn Usher. a tekur lengri tma a klra svona ml.

g NEITA a skrifa pistil um Gerrard anga til a g s eitthva stafest. En vi getum ora a svo a Stevie er ekki a vinna sr inn mrg stig hj mr essa dagana. a a fara fyrra var skiljanlegt. a a fara nna yru verstu svik leikmanns vi etta flag sgunni.

Uppfrt (EE) kl 22.01: Einsig Kiddi benti ummlunum, hefur Usher teki tilbaka au ummli, sem hann hafi um a a Gerrard vri lei til Chelsea. Usher segir eftirfarandi sama ri:

Sorry about this folks, but Ive now heard that the talks may have actually been quite positive. Some of the information I got before (the stuff about telling people he was going to London) was from before the meeting.

His agent is supposed to me making a statement in the morning.

Einnig (einsog Halldr benti kommentunum), hafa YNWA menn n slegi v upp forsunni a GERRARD VERI FRAM HJ LIVERPOOL. Nota bene, YNWA menn sl mjg sjaldan upp frttum forsunni og egar a gerist, er a vanalega vegna ess a einhverjir me g tengsl inn Anfield hafa tala.

Vonum a besta :-)

.: Einar rn Einarsson uppfri kl. 18:40 | 672 Or | Flokkur: Slur
Ummæli (10)

S etta ri, gir punktar. Heimild near.

The management at SFX seem to be on their own agenda. They want Gerrard to move away from Anfield so that they can get higher commission. Last year it was a move to Chelsea, this year it's a move to Madrid. Last week's stories were "leaked" by Madrid. Stories that claimed Gerrard wanted to leave. Whether SFX had any dealings with this story is unknown, but they have since used it to their advantage, by saying that Liverpool had planted the stories to make Gerrard unpopular. They even claimed that Benitez had leaked the story - something which has made Benitez extremely angry as he denies doing this. There's been a major misunderstanding between the two sides(Gerrard/LFC), with the agency in the middle trying to turn Gerrard's head. Again. From what we have been told SFX, Chelsea and Real Madrid have all been involved in leaking stories in an attempt to engineer matters to their own advantage. There's even allegations that some of this may have been bending UEFA and FIFA rules, if not breaking them. Struan Marshall also handles Jamie Carragher, but Carragher is not likely to leave Anfield. He's trusted by Gerrard, but Gerrard will no doubt question this in light of the recent events. Gerrard is reportedly extremely upset and pressured, as people he trusts are all contradicting each other. He needs to take stock of what is happening and work out who he should trust. If Struan Marshall is an innocent party in this - and from what we've been told he isn't responsible for the manipulation of the media - then he needs to get to the bottom of what's happened internally within SFX to ensure Gerrard is now told the truth.

Garon sendi inn - 04.07.05 20:40 - (Ummli #7)
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